1. An Open letter to National Express East Anglia

    Hello there.

    I’m writing to you today to inform you that I am extremely upset about paying £3,000 per year for your appalling service.

    Allow me to elaborate.

    The trains are old.

    Granted, you have put _a few_ new trains in.. But the boasted wifi connection sucks.

    Half of the toilets are permanently locked or smell bad or simply, the sink doesn’t work, so after doing your business - you apply soap to your hands and then attempt the rinse the soap from your hands and the sink doesn’t work.. resulting your hands being covered in soap for the entire length of the (already slow) journey.

    Granted, that’s just a (BIG) annoyance.

    Generally, the staff suck.

    Not literally, that’d probably be a positive.

    What I mean is: they are rude - Especially the “Revenue Protection” guys in hi-viz.

    There’s this old dude who always smells pretty bad, he has greasy, grey, straw like hair. He think’s he’s the prime minister or something, probably because he’s wearing hi-viz.. It’s quite a dangerous job selling tickets… he obviously needs that hi-viz..?

    .. and most of them don’t even speak a word of English (I’m not racist - I merely just can’t understand them).

    Bus replacement service

    Okay, so you scheduled maintenance between London and Stansted - that’s sort of understandable, on a weekend..


    If you are going to host a replacement bus service you should actually organise it first..

    Let me describe my problem to you..

    I was waiting at Harlow Mill station for a bus, pretty happy, listening to my music, like I do… and it’s getting close to the time of when the bus _should_ be getting here so I’m getting a little bit impatient - I needed to get to work.. so I wait for a few minutes longer to see a bus pulling into the bus stop, so there’s me running like Billy Elliot to try to catch this bus which was already 15 minutes late, and I miss it.. so I go back down to the station to work out what to do now, so I checked the screen at Harlow Mill (and by the way it’s near to impossible to read) and had to wait an hour for the next bus to arrive, so I went back up to the bus stop and waited an hour, I was listening to a bit of NWA, so all was well.

    I was keeping an eye out for the bus at this point because I didn’t want to miss this one and I saw one pulling off of the round about.. happy days - then I noticed that this driver thought that he was picking everybody up from the station, fantastic… So then there’s me running like Seabuscuit again, but because at the station he had to do a 13,000 point turn I was on the bus and was making progress!

    Basically, what I’m trying to say here is, why the hell would you not get some sort of organisation (even to state where people are supposed to stand and wait) it’s that simple - I’m not exactly the most organised person in the world, but I thought that, something like that would be pretty simple for most human beings to organise? Am I right?

    This is just to add to the normal poor level of service.

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